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Say what?

Yes it's true, I have a bit of an art and design background and somewhere in there back when I had the free time to do things like teach myself html (in the days of NCSA Mosaic), I designed a couple of fonts that were popular for a time and still make the rounds now and again. The Hermes font was on its way to becoming Hermes 2000 in the year 2000, but then child number two was born and well, one hobby had to go. Worse, the company formerly known as Macromedia orphaned the great program Fontographer, so when I moved over to OS X a while back I kind of lost hope that I'd get around to doing anything with that field again.

But inspired by the brilliance of the idea behind the creation of a Minolta font based on the logo on classic Minolta cameras* which I came across on the excellent, coinciding with a query from a type repository to locate A.D. Mono for safekeeping and redistribution, I found the strength to take up the torch again and begin marching forth boldly once again. Or something to that effect. SO through the outstanding resources freshmeat and sourceforge found fontforge, an excellent open source project that ironically (for me) is actually inspired by and based on my beloved Fontographer. And it compiles and runs on OS X! Bonus!

* muchos kudos to Justin "Red" Bailey, fontmaker and font of knowledge where cameras are concerned!

The Fonts

A.D. Mono was designed as a final project for a typography class I was taking as part of my graphic design certificate program through UC Berkeley Extension. It was one of two classes I took from the kooky but brilliant Alastair Johnston, the other being book design. This font has appeared on some websites, in print, and I last saw it as part of some Linux distros.

Download Postscript & Truetype .tgz

Hermes was inspired by the clunky old Hermes 2000 typewriter I got at a swap meet so long ago I hate to say.... Boy, I banged out much poetry on that old dog during my undergrad days at UCSD as a Literature/Writing major. Seems forever ago now, and yet a little like it was just last week. It has appeared in print more than a few times, I've seen it in Pulse magazine, on the cover of the Seattle Times, and even on television once in a while.

Download Postscript & Truetype .tgz

and I'm hoping more to come, I need to dust off my years-old project vault and get cracking.... in the meantime you can see some print samples in my humble, orphaned design gallery

Wait, One More Thing

Oh, I also have a little photography site if you're interested.

Comments? Questions? Kudos? Flames? Go ahead and email me. I hope you find some of this useful. Let me know immediately if you have any issues with the fonts so I can attempt to correct them and update the bundles.

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