In my extensive travels online, I have come across an amazing amount of excellent photography and useful resources. There are certainly many more than I have listed here, and I've tried to avoid sites you'd probably find on your own like and adorama If you come across something you think I should see, or one of the following Links has expired, please feel free to let me know. Enjoy!

Disclaimer - some of these sites contain images of nude humans (as does mine!) so if the sight of nude humans other than your own freshly showered self doth offend, please proceed with caution!

Individual Photographers

Ole Marius Fossen, a talented & imagintive photographer from Norway
Jason Langer's beautiful work is basically pictures I wish I'd taken
Black & White Nudes by Michael Hocter, a new find, very nice work
Ken Smith a good friend who does excellent black and white work that's very timeless and serene
Evolving Beauty, one of my favorite sites for some time
Black Mirages excellent photos, excellent site, another one of my favorites except for the words they put on all the pictures now
Get out your 3D glasses for these well-done stereoscopic nudes (a modern twist on a classic photo technique)
Professor Ferncase's Infrared Window - some very nice work, he was helpful with advice a while back

Online Magazines - Excellent site though no longer maintained by Philip Greenspun, a one-man photo universe
Shutterbug Magazine - Online version of one of the better user mags, I usually keep one around for current pricing info
Black and White World - good resource, one could hang out there for a while - Links, worth a peek
Bienvenue sur le Web PHOTO - on-line version of french PHOTO

Galleries Online and real

Benham Studio Gallery - good site, good work represented, go there if you're in Seattle
Barry Singer Gallery - another gem of a gallery, located in Petaluma in Marin County, just north of here
Scott Nichols Gallery - my favorite, though small, better to go in person, 49 Geary in SF
MONOart - Excellence in Monochrome Photography - quality varies by artist, overall very good

Resources - Technique

If you know just one site you should know, nuff said
Robert Slade has put together a nice basic photography guide also has good basic info
The Photo Shoot FAQ - basics of working with models
Photography Articles by RIT Faculty Members - excellent source of some mighty specific information
The Ultimate Exposure Computer
A great article on Zone Focusing for rangefinder users
Also see my individual camera pages for more Links
Dan Massey has both great technical printing info and beautiful photos on his site

Resources - Collecting and Repairing

Cameraquest's Classic Camera Profiles - lots of great intelligent and honest articles
Classic Camera Manuals
Favorite Classics and its Repair Forum
The Classic Camera
The Camera Repair Resource Guide
Ed Romney's camera repair page, with manuals for sale
Micro-Tools, the of camera repair and restoration tools & supplies
Film for Classic Cameras

Hard-to-Find Items for Sale

Sure you know about Porter's, B&H, and Adorama, here's some you may not know:
My Old Camera -- batteries, spools, and more
The camerahunter is a good place to get all sorts of accessories
Finertimes has collectibles and hard-to-find accessories, ask, he has more than you see
This little Camerastore in Grass Valley has some good stuff
Ecamerastore can get you lens caps and metal hoods in hard-to-find sizes
I've probably mentioned elsewhere, I also like

Not to mention ebay on-line auctions, the site that no longer needs an introduction

For specifically soviet-camera-oriented sites try: sales and repairs, they did a great job fixing and CLA'ing my Kiev 60!
Another good site is RafCamera, with cameras, lenses, and Links to manuals and other resources. Nice guy too!
There's also by Vikentiy Trofimov
Pricey but dependable
and various ebay sellers whose names change too often to put in print...