I've worked pretty hard to keep this site as simple as possible. No mouseovers, no popups, just simple html, simple colors, simple layout. This site is about images and photography. I hope the images speak for themselves, and have designed the site very simply so that there wouldn't be any interference in the dialog between the seer and the seen. Economic realities have forced me to ad ads to the site to keep it online, but I believe I've done it in a way that maintains my design asthetic as much as possible.

The section on cameras is a site within a site, I mean it to be a catalog and a resource and am glad that it seems to have found its place in the camera-collecting community. I put a fair amount of effort tracking down all the information there and hope it is helpful to others.

Like everything on the web (and anywhere else, for that matter), this site is a work in progress. I will continue to add pictures as I continue to shoot, print, and collect, so check back. Thank you for visiting. Please let me know what you think!